Sanbot Robot

Sanbot is a state-of-the-art AI robot and is the sub brand of QIHAN Technology. Based on the results of advanced global advanced AI research, Sanbot combines Internet Cloud computing and IoT technology to improve the robot-human interaction and commercial value. Using machine-learning capabilities, the Sanbot robot is the service robot that offers customized intelligent services for multiple scenarios.

Three-in-one Ecosystem

The three-in-one ecosystem integrates robot, QIHAN Cloud, and mobile app into one system to apply even more value to Sanbot.

Robot+ strategy

The future is coming: hi-tech homes, hi-end customs, healthcare, agriculture, government facilities, schools, business centers, retail stores, exhibition centers, and more will be a part of the future. Teaming up with global solution developers and distributers, Sanbot intelligent robots are going to thousands of families and multiple industries. Sanbot, along with its three-in-one ecosystem, offers customized intelligent services for different scenarios, improving the service experience and increase businesses’ value.